Messages de soutien et d’encouragement

Tous les élèves, en particulier ceux des communautés à faible revenu, vivent une période difficile et perturbante en raison de la crise de la COVID-19. Alors, pour les aider à garder espoir et à se sentir inspirés, des gens de partout au pays leur ont envoyé des messages de soutien et d’encouragement. Vous pouvez aussi leur écrire un message ici.

It’s hard to put into words how proud we are of each and every one of you. To graduate during these uncertain times shows your determination and tenacity; qualities which will serve you well in the bright future ahead of you. In 2030, we hope you look back on your days at Pathways and remember the good times; the friends you made, the skills you learned and the impact you left on your community. We wish you the very best in everything you do and look forward to hearing about your many successes to come. ConGRADulations!

From: Empire Life 🤍.

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2020! I know this is not how you wanted to celebrate your high school graduation. This, however, does not diminish the significance of this moment in your young lives. You studied incredibly hard, made sacrifices, overcame challenges and achieved this milestone with the support of your families, friends, teachers, coaches and mentors. We could not be prouder of you, Present circumstances may make it difficult for you to follow through with your plans. You may have to adjust your plans to the new realities of post Covid-19 world. As you do so, be inspired and live your lives with sense of purpose, pursuit of personal excellence and commitment to create fairer, gentler and more inclusive world. Best of luck to you all. Watch out, here come Pathways to Education Class of 2020!

From: Safia A.

Dear Pathways Students, On behalf of all of us at the Johnson Scholarship Foundation, I’d like to tell you how incredibly proud we are of you. You have overcome countless barriers to get to where you are today, and the we are confident you will continue to succeed and excel in life. You are an inspiration to all of us who have believed in your potential and remarkable perseverance. The world will be a better place for your work and accomplishments. The growth and fulfillment of your dreams will not only elevate your life, but will have resounding generational impact on many, many others. All the best, Robert A. Krause Johnson Scholarship Foundation, CEO

From: Robert K.

Out of crisis there is always opportunity. COVID has laid bare the change we need in our society and there is good learning to be implemented. You have worked hard to get to to where you are today. I support Pathways because I believe that the future of our country will be better because of YOU! Do not be deterred by this “pause” – take your education to the next level and use all you have learned and lived to make a difference. Be proud of your progress and be steadfastly determined to ready yourself for the next stage of what can be a life of opportunity. Seize it and all the best.

From: Marilynne D.

It has been what feels like a million years ago that I was in school. Having admitted that fact and the fact that I can relate to those of you who are living in low-income communities which was part of my youth, I would like to wish you all the best in this « new world » we have acquired and that none of us have ever experienced. With luck we will never again. I know from my experience with the youth of today from the aspect of my long term involvement in Apprenticeship Training in Ontario and currently as a School Crossing Guard that you all have in my opinion the educational skills, attitude, abilities and life skills to succeed in all future aspects of your lives. The hundreds of the young adults I have met as a Crossing Guard are a part of my reasons for my best wishes as you are the older sisters and brothers who have helped in the development of these amazing younger adults. Once again, all the best in your future lives.

From: George M.

Bonjour à tous et à toutes. C’est une situation extraordinaire que tout le monde passe, mais c’est une situation temporaire. Dès nos jours, le monde a besoin de professionnels pour aider les autres et pour construire un monde meilleur. Et, ces futurs professionnels dont le monde a besoin, c’est vous toutes et vous tous! Le monde ne pourra pas se passer de vous. Je vous exhorte de ne pas abandonner vos rêves, vos projets et vos objectifs et de grandir professionnellement. Vous avez tous un endroit privilégié dans mon cœur. J’ai hâte de vous revoir tous et de reprendre les activités et je vous souhaite le meilleur.

From: Carmen Pilar C.

Dear Pathways students, How are you? It’s okay if you’re feeling anxious, tired, angry or even relieved. There’s no way we « should » feel now (or ever). The uncertainty we live in can be so hard, though if there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that nothing lasts forever. You will get through this!!! And you’re not alone- reach out to a friend or trusted adult when you need; we all need reminders sometimes that there is always hope and that we’re in this together. We’re thinking of you and always rooting for you!

From: Stefanie R.

I’ll try not to sound like another clueless adult. Many of you and your families have lived through things way WAY harder than the COVID19 pandemic. Some of you have already given up whole lives and started over here in Canada, adapting to totally new ‘normals’. You’ll be much better prepared than people of my generation (I’m in my 50s) to figure out what our post-pandemic normal should look like. I put my faith in you and your generation to bring fresh ideas, impatience, intelligence and hard work to making a better world. In the meantime, keep safe, keep laughing, keep helping each other, and keep kicking people like me in the butt to be better.

From: Wendy M.

Hey everyone! As we all know, these are some tough times right now, and with school and things thrown up in the air we’re all a likely a little frazzled. It is precisely in these times that we should take a step back and take some time to re-orient ourselves. Even though we cannot meet up in person with friends and family, there are plenty of ways to show people you care for them, now more than ever! We will emerge from this pandemic stronger in many ways, keep on keeping on!

From: Iris W.

Even at the best of times, education is likely to be a stressful enterprise. This is partly by design, in so far as learning can only occur just outside your ‘comfort zone’, within what has been referred to as the ‘growth zone’ – where familiar knowledge can be used to generate new ideas and understanding. However, the additional stresses from changing societal practices are of little help. Journalists can comment about statistics on paper, but the fact is that everyone is facing a new and unique set of circumstances, complete with new challenges, and perhaps new opportunities. Many of these circumstances are outside of your control. It can be helpful, then, to focus on doing your best with what you can control. What might those things be? How can you keep preparing yourself for a future that is becoming increasingly uncertain? There are some good ideas out there: a regular sleep schedule is the #1 way to maintain your mental and physical health, and also to solidify your learning, whatever form that may take. A varied diet of meals taken at regular intervals is another good way to maintain your body’s clock. Daily exercise of any form is also a great way to maintain your physical and mental health. These areas are often very simple to influence, and have a huge impact on personal well-being. Beyond these, there are a number of activities that can benefit you and your community in these troubled times. Take the necessary time to focus on academics. Reach out to an instructor if you need extra resources. Help take care of family and community members. Stay in touch with your friends. Make some art – literally anything that you think might be cool, or fun, or interesting. Any ideas you’ve had but never acted on now have an opportunity to be brought to light that may never come again. Read a book you’ve been meaning to read. Clean something you’ve been meaning to clean. There are all kinds of small steps that can be taken to make your corner of the world just a little bit more bearable under difficult circumstances. I give credit to a lot of these ideas to the Youtube creator CGP Grey, a high school instructor from the USA – check out his video titled ‘Spaceship You’ for a discussion of good habits during lockdown. I also recommend the Youtube channel 3Blue1Brown for weekly introductions to some cool topics in math through the ‘lockdown math’ video series.

From: Robert B.

Greetings to all Pathways students and friends I want you to know in your hearts and minds that we care about you now more than ever. You and all youth are Canada’s greatest hope for a better tomorrow. All of us or supporting Pathways are striving to find the best ways to help you stay strong and continue your educational journey towards a life with more choices. As students and young adults, you are outstanding. And it is a great moment in time for you to also stand up and stand out. It is the perfect moment to write to PM Justine Trudeau and tell him just how much PTE has helped you. Send truck loads of “handwritten cards and letters” to land on his desk. He will love the message and share it. I guarantee you; 1,000s of hand WRITTEN notes and letters from you will stand out in a way that the volumes of social media messages they receive, simply cannot. Mr. Trudeau and his ministers would know with crystal clarity that you are contributors to our country’s well being. And that you and the PTE need their continued and increased support to be even more so. You are the leaders of your own future. Your words count. It is up to you; to lead the adults. It is up to the rest of us to support and encourage your self determination. I know you will succeed. Respectfully, your ardent fan, friend and supporter in Kingston, Jim Brown

From: James B.

Dear Pathways Students and Alumni, These are difficult times, and it’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s also not the time to give up, but instead use that vulnerability to reflect and find out who you are. You’ll find things that you are capable of doing that you didn’t know you were able to do. You’ll find the support that you never thought you had. You’ll discover new things about yourself, and during difficult times, like these, are the best times to truly find out just how strong you are. So continue to push and fight through this. As an alumni of the very first cohort of Pathways, we are here to help and support in any possible way we can. You are not alone, and you will persevere.

From: Richard F.

This time we are all living through together is sure different – and they will be moving forward for a while. With many experiencing challenges, including in how we are feeling – know that it’s OK to feel not OK some days. If you are feeling overwhelmed, worried or anxious – know that first of all, you’re not alone, and second, it’s normal to feel that way. When you’ve got all the feels – talk to someone. A family member, friend or an ally – like someone from Pathways. You don’t have to be alone in this experience – and talking helps. It really does, no matter your age. Be sure to you take time for you – lots of folks call it self-care. In addition to talking about those feels, find that thing that works for you: take a break in your day and exercise, watch TV, play video games, cook or bake, read…whatever you do to feel a bit better. You deserve it. Because, you matter. You are important in this world. And you belong – even if right now it means, belonging at home. Just know there are many folks still cheering you on as you continue with your studies, connecting with friends and family online and taking care of you. That’s the number one thing – be kind to you. You are worth it.

From: Pytor H.

I want to Thank all Pathways students for being so amazing and courageous in adapting to our new way of living on Mother Earth. I applaud all your hard work and motivation to continue to learn virtually and remember to always be kind to yourself and take good care of those that are near and dear to your heart. Show kindness and respect to those that need a little extra support during this time and help them along the way when you can, help a friend, a neighbor, a classmate, a family or community member. Remember to stay connected and always ask for help from Pathways staff! We care and we are here for you and we will help you through this! Take care and be safe:)Barb A.

From: Barb A.

With the current situation going on, a mix of feelings and emotions may arise. It is okay to feel your emotions and validate it so you can move forward. These past few weeks have been interesting as it has changed daily routines and lifestyles for many individuals. Use this time as an opportunity to reflect on your growth, pause to be present and simply breathe. How will you utilize your time? Perhaps you will learn to cook a favourite meal, virtually check in with a friend, organize your living space, dance to an uplifting song, get a great at home workout in, plan out your future goals… you have time in your hands. Use that time to rejuvenate and come back stronger. Just know that you have an amazing support of members in the program cheering you on through this time and as you plan your next steps.

From: Hamshaa S.

Hello Pathways students! Yup. It is a crazy time. But this challenging time will pass. You will be more resilient for living through this and will learn a lot about yourself and what is important to you. These learnings will stay with you and help you adapt and cope with future challenges. So stay strong, be kind and know that there are people out there who care a lot about you. Reach out if you need to talk to someone. And be available to your friends and family if they need a hand too!

From: Debbie A.

Hi To all the Pathways Students.I have been worrying about you since this Covid 19 Pandemic has caused us all to stay home. It’s a very scary time. I know it’s going to be hard to stay engaged and committed to school since our schools are closed. When I was founding Pathways to Education I had so many doors slammed in my face but I kept going and I learned the importance of persistence and tenacity. How did I keep going when I was discouraged? I believed creating Pathways to Education was the right thing to do so it didn’t matter if I failed because I would have failed trying to do the right thing.As hard as it is and as discouraged as you might be some days please don’t give up on your education. In the end you will be so grateful you persevered.I wanted to share some quotes with you that have always helped me when I am discouraged.“Life is not a pass/ fail; it’s a process”. —Anon“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” —Nelson Mandela“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” — Michael Jordan“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”– Confucius“Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.” – Theodore Roosevelt “Winners never quit. And quitters never win.” — Vince Lombardi“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”– Thomas EdisonThousands of us are behind you all the way. Please stand on our shoulders and stay engaged in your education and you will never be sorry you did.All my loveCarolynFounder Pathways to Education Canada.

From: Carolyn A.

To the remarkable young people and inspiring students of Pathways, COVID-19 has brought tremendous hardships along with illness. Your participation in Pathways is evidence that you all share a tremendous capacity for hope and determination. While distancing can make us feel separated, you are not alone. You have friends and fans all over North America. At the Johnson Scholarship Foundation, we are inspired by your stories and challenged by your commitment to a better tomorrow. We look forward to the passing of this difficult season, and the opportunities you will have for education and friendship at Pathways.

From: Bobby K.

Hello girls and boys, We’re going through some weird times and it could be hard to keep a positive attitude. Going for walks, bike rides, dancing, or moving in any way you like are great ways to take care of your mental health and your body. For some, school may seem far down the list of your priorities during this crisis, but remember that education is the number one tool in your toolbox! It will always be relevant to keep learning and when September comes around, you’ll be glad for the efforts you put in this spring to keep up to date and keep challenging yourself. The YMCA’s excellent staff and volunteers are still here to support you along the way 🙂 Wishing you all the best in this period of introspection. Take care!

From: Amanda H.

Students across Canada are facing great uncertainty and challenges as a result of Covid-19. But some students face even more barriers, many of them invisible to their schools or teachers. Some of you might not have full access to reliable wifi, or a device that makes it easier to learn from home. Some of you might have to take on additional responsibilities, such as picking up more shifts at work to support your family, or providing childcare so others in your home can continue to work. Some of you might have lost access to the people and supports that help you learn. I am a Principal in an Ontario secondary school. Although Pathways didn’t exist when I was your age, it now supports students in the neighbourhood where I grew up–and the students who attend the school I now oversee. I applaud all of you for your efforts to prioritize school when there might be so many other things taking your attention and time. And for those of you losing focus or losing faith, remember that there are Pathways staff at the other end of a phone or email who are willing to support you through these challenging times. You all deserve a promising future. Stay home, stay healthy, and stay committed to your future goals!

From: Anne Marie M.

Hi, I am John and I am from Niagara Falls where I went to A.N. Myer Secondary School. I understand that you are going through hard times now with the COVID-19 crisis. Although we did not have such a crisis, I do remember that our parents or grandparents went to war in Europe which took them away from their loved ones, even worse than isolating with them. Use your inner strength to get through this crisis…take advantage of the extra time to read and do those things that you never have time for…and help others which will help you as well as them. Keep focused on your long-term education and well-being…this will soon slowly end and you will be stronger for it. Best wishes, John M

From: John M.

Learning how to be alone during self-isolation is really tough. We love and need our friends. They are our community, our support, our biggest cheerleaders. Now more than ever, we need to learn to build our community digitally and push our friends UP. Now more than ever, we need to be honest and ask for help when we’re struggling. Now more than ever we need to reach out and suffer together. No one should suffer alone. We are meant to lean on one another. We’re in this together. Every.Single.One.Of.Us. I send you hope, courage and strength!

From: Christine R.

It can be hard to stay positive when we are not able to go out and be with our friends doing our normal things. It is helpful to be creative about finding new sources of inspiration. When everything is disrupted it’s a good time to try something new. Try cooking or read a book that you’ve always thought about reading. Get outside for some fresh air. Try jogging or maybe taking photos of nature. Some global celebrities including Karlie Kloss, Chris Paul, Addison Rae, Now United and others shared some of their experiences and inspirations in the SAP Take Your Child to Work virtual event. You can watch them here: I decided that I would try to come out of this situation a better person than I went in. I have started to go on walks and listen to science podcasts. This was something I never did before, and it gives me something positive to focus on. Stay strong!

From: Laura J.

Thank you to Sidra, one of your fellow students, who sent us a lovely message about how Pathways is helping her. I am so glad that the program helps to keep young people engaged in their studies. This is a very difficult time for everyone, and for young people in particular. I have a teenage grandson and I know how much he misses beign with his friends and sharing the events of the day. You may feel like that too, and may miss sharing yourinterests and your studies with friends. Please feel that you have support, and that we are proud of the effort you are making to progress towards graduation. Hang in there! This too will pass, Best wishes and support, Joan ( a Toronto grandmother)

From: Joan M.

Hey Pathways students! Let’s not pretend this isn’t a terrible situation; it is. But yours is a generation of survivors — you’ll find creative, thoughtful, and forward-thinking ways to COPE with this pandemic, to keep you and your loved ones SAFE, to stay FOCUSED on your school work, and PLAN ahead to the bright future that awaits you. We believe in you. Sending you wishes to be healthy — both physically and mentally — and hoping you’ll try to find a few positive things every day to get you through this. Because you WILL get through this; your life and your future are TOO valuable not to.

From: Grace C.

Dear students, This is a difficult and challenging time. You have the power to come through this and be a stronger and more resilient person. Be kind to one another, take care of one another. Reach out to those who are important to you, make a phone call, text a friend, organize a group chat. Take time to be kind to yourself, love yourself. Draw, write, dance, walk, skip rope, learn something new, practice something old., medidate, breathe. You have the power to survive and be your best YOU!! You are loved!!

From: Monique D.

Pathways to Education is in the business of demolishing obstacles. I’ve tutored maths and sciences for several years, and know that P2E has helped many students come to understand a concept that was getting in the way of their future success. Report card marks act as gate-keepers that open or shut career/life paths to students. Often the difference between an open gate and one that shuts out a student is very small. P2E doesn’t open all gates for all students they serve, but they open gates for almost all their students, and many times the path that opens because of P2E completely changes the life of the person we help.

From: Howard G.

Today, I am sending a donation of $500, to help you and others reach their goal of a higher education. I am retired now, having worked for many years in a technology role. After I retired, I volunteered teaching math to kids, so I recognize how important both education and technology are in reaching your goals. That being said, for many years technology was not as advanced as it is today, so with the right motivation, You CAN reach your goals through hard work. Good Luck!

From: Brian D.

Hey Pathways! Over the years, I have watched so many of you wonderful students overcome challenge after challenge, and put in so much hard work to reach your goals. I have every confidence that you will overcome this as well. For the senior students, I know this is not the way you wanted to graduate, and celebrate your final year of high school. I hope you aren’t dwelling on it; you have new adventures right on the horizon as you start your post-secondary journey! Look ahead; you are moving forward to becoming the person you aspire to be! Dawn D. Volunteer Tutor, Pathways Kitchener (Laurentian)

From: Dawn D.

I can imagine how unsettling these times are for you as we all try to navigate uncharted waters. Though you have worked hard to overcome obstacles you now have new ones which you might find overwhelming. Know that you have incredible resilience which you have already shown in so many ways and you and your families will get through this. And if there was ever a time when community is drawing close together, it is now. Every day will not be easy and it’s ok to feel anxious and concerned but remember you are not alone. If you need support, ask and look for those around you who you can support. Be well!

From: Claire D.

What if we could change our perspectives to see this as an opportunity? An opportunity for growth without distractions? What if we decided not to let time pass by in boredom but rather, let it be consumed in learning new skills or bettering ourselves? You have the whole universe mapped out in the organ inside of your head; it can do remarkable things and overcome the toughest of situations. I hope you will use this time as an opportunity for greatness. I hope you will realize the greatness that is already contained within you. Good luck and be great!

From: Afif A.